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Annual Consulting Agreements
TEA and The Texas School Safety Center have adopted and implemented new rules regarding safety, security
and Emergency Operations Plans.  Smaller districts do not have the financial resources to hire a full-time
emergency management coordinator, tis is where our service can help.  Smaller districts typically assign the
district emergency manager role to an existing staff member who already has a lot on their plate.

Annual Agreements Include:

1.        Emergency Operations Plan updates, additions and compliance
2.        Emergency Operations Plan training and drill assistance
          a.        TEA requires a campus evacuation and reunification drill for each campus annually among other
                      standard drills.
3.        Safety & Security Audit (every 3 years)
4.        Safety & Security Consulting
5.        TEA/TSSC compliance assistance
6.        6 On site 1-2 day visits
7.        Support via Zoom, Phone or e-mail anytime
8.        Texas Guardian Training for 2 staff members annually
9.        Texas Guardian re-qualification and 4 hour continuing education annually
10.        LTC classes for Guardian candidates (up to 5 annually)
11.        On campus force on force training (1 annually)
12.        Active Shooter and Awareness staff training

Single Campus District (K-12 in one building, 1A) $15,000.
1A up to 2 campuses              $20,000.
District with 3 campuses        $26,000.
District with 4 campuses        $32,000.
District with 5 campuses        $38,000.
Larger (call)

To get started we need the signed agreement and purchase order for entire amount, 20% due up front, balance
over remaining months in cycle. Agreement cycle runs August 1st – July 31st. Amounts will be pro-rated based
on agreement date.
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