School Safety & Security Audits - Updated Summer 2019 in response to SB11
This proactive process can help ensure that students achieve their learning potential within a safe and secure environment. Schools On Target has been providing schools audits
since 2006 and we are a registered consultant with the Texas School Safety Center and our audit reporting meets the new SB11 standards. Beware of out of state auditors or
instate auditors who do not work with the Texas School Safety Center. These contracts do not provide TEC 37.108 compliant audits.

Schools On Target provides a multi-disciplined team of experienced  auditors for the field work. We provide specific recommendations to facilitate schools improving safety &
security.  We utilize the audit model developed and provided by the Texas School Safety Center for consistency. Our audits satisfy Texas Education Code 37.108 which states:
“At least once every three years, each school district shall conduct a safety and security audit of the district’s facilities. The audit contains up to 1,580 individual items, actual
number depends on the number and types of facilities the district has.

SB11 - New Reporting Standards
The current three year school district safety and security audit cycle began on September 1, 2017 and will end on August 31, 2020. School district safety and security audits
required by TEC 37.108 must be completed during that cycle.

A school district may begin their reporting of specified audit results to the Texas School Safety Center (TxSSC) following the superintendent’s receipt of the link to the district’s
online District Audit Reporting Tool (DARtool). This tool will be emailed to superintendents in April of 2020 and must be submitted to the TxSSC by September 15, 2020.

Audits include:

EOP review for compliance
Intruder Assessment (if requested)
Risk Factors
Policies & Procedures for students and staff
Building Exteriors & Grounds
Building Interior
Other Facilities
Construction (if taking place)
Web Site

How It All Works -

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Schools On Target is a registered
consultant for the Texas School
Safety Center
Climate Surveys - Interview Sheets
Intruder Assessment
COVID-19 Audit Update: We are still conducting safety & security audits, even with no school taking place.  We can still
assess the safety & security of the school.  Student observations and intruder surveys will not be assessed this period.
TES still requires audits be completed by 8-31-20.