Consulting Services

Data Back U Service
We provide off-line back up data storage solutions. Click Here for more information.

Annual Consulting
We provide annual consulting agreements for school districts.  This is a great way
for districts who can not afford a full time safety & security director to have an
experienced person from our organization serving their district on a part time basis.  
On site time and duties are all customizable for each district.

Safety & Security Planning

Security video camera system design

Parameter & Security fencing

Parking & Traffic Flow

Policies & Procedures

Mediation & Facilitating Services
CLICK HERE for more information

New Building Planning  
When deciding to take on the exciting adventure of new construction there are several
areas where pre-planning for safety and security needs should be addressed and/or
considered. With our experience we can address these needs with you as well as plan
for other areas your school may want to add to new construction.

Renovated or Existing Building Planning
Renovating an existing site or a new location requires some thought prior to jumping in
to construction.  This items include traffic flow, security & tornado sheltering.

Jeff also provides personal weekly consulting through one hour phone calls weekly to
registered clients.  Contact us for pricing information. We also provide annual
consulting agreements.
Schools On Target is a registered
consultant for the Texas School
Safety Center