Emergency Planning Services - Our services meet SB11 & NIMS requirements

Our planning services are custom designed for each physical location. We can write an SB11 and NIMS compliant EOP.
We believe that students, teachers, administrators, and staff cannot reach their full potential without a safe and secure
learning atmosphere. The Texas School Safety Center recently reviewed district EOP's in Texas and found that most did not
meet the new requirements set forth in June 2020 with the exception of our customer districts.

Districts are now required to provide more than just the basic plan template.  The EOP must include several new additions.

Readiness and emergency management for schools involves specific state-mandated rules and expectations.
Many district administrators faced with these rules and expectations lack the specific time and/or experience with
emergency specific services.  Schools On Target specializes services for schools.

EOP's (Emergency Operations Plans)
Our plans are NIMS compliant, multi-hazard in nature and meet SB11
requirements. An EOP is required under law for each district.

An emergency operations plan is a tool to help your district with training
and to serveas a resource in the event of an emergency.  

EOP's address many emergency aspects such as severe weather,
student unrest, active shooter, power outages and more.  The EOP
also contains your schools floor plans, aerial photographs with utility
shut off locations marked, staff contact lists and other resources.

SB11 - Emergency Operations Plans – New Standards
-Multi-Hazard in nature
-Chain of command (NIMS/ICS)
-Must meet DHS NIMS standards (must address prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery)
- Distrcit Safety & Security Committee
- Campus Threat Assessment Teams
-EOP training – all district administration staff must be trained in NIMS 100,200,600,700
-EOP training - critical staff must be trained in Incident Command System (ICS)
-EOP Must include drills listed in section 37.114 ( 1 fire drill per month) as well as lockdown, shelter in place, evacuation
one time per semester (DHS standard)
-Measures to insure coordination with police and fire
-Active shooter response
-Provisions for notifying parents/guardians in the event of an emergency
-Provisions for supporting psychological safety of students, district personnel, and the community during the response
and recovery phase following a disaster or emergency situation
-Audit and audit report must now be included in the EOP
-District Safety & Security Committee
-Direction & Control
-Portables buildings
-Railroad & pipeline (if applicable)
-Campus threat assessment teams
-COOP - Continuity of Operations Plan
-Summary of staff skills
-Infectious disease annex to include COVID-19
Schools On Target is a registered
consultant for the Texas School
Safety Center