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Active Shooter Training
We offer the Texas DPS School Safety Guardian
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Active Shooter Training is a hot topic, not only is an active shooter a threat to a campus, the training for students can also
be traumatic. We are often asked what is the appropriate age to start teaching students about active shooters. The answer
is more complex and hard to summarize in one word.

As educators and parent's ourselves we have a desire to shield our kids for as long as possible against the evil in the
world, this also includes active shooters and the horror these incidents create.

A lot of District's have been using the ALICE program.  There are several issues with this program. First, anybody can be
an instructor. All they have to do is pay their fee and sit through online classes.  Instruction should be conducted by those
who have experience and are trained or licensed to do so.  Second, ALICE teaches students as young a Kindergarten
how to attack and active shooter as a last resort. This introduces a level of violence into their lives. It also creates a level of
fear in the young student.

We have provided a guide below that is age targeted for training.

Elementary Age
At this level we recommend that you conduct lockdown drills with students at this age. Part of this process is to teach
students to abide by the teachers instructions.  The state already requires these drills once per semester and campuses
conduct these drills.

Middle School Age
Middle school aged students are still young but at this age we can start introducing some more realizations to help them
understand the threat.

High School Age
High School students are much more in tune with active shooters incidents.  At this age students are able to deal with the
realization and counter tactics provided by training.  

School Staff
School staff should be exposed to emergency preparedness and active shooter Run, Hide, Fight or Avoid, Deny, Defend
tactics.  This is typically done at teacher training before the start of the new school year.

In addition, having Armed and Trained Guardians creates a hard target and allows Guardians to carry concealed on
campus.  Some district's have SRO's (Student Resource Officers) but they can only be in one spot.  The chances of the
SRO being in the right place at the right time is very low.  Adding Guardians increases the chances that an shooter can be
stopped quicker in order to mitigate the incident.