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As a licensed armed guard company, we can provide armed officers as well as training to existing officers that serve in a school. All of our officers go through intense active shooter and school resource officer training to enable them to be an asset for your campuses. Non contracted rates are $48. per hr. Discounts are applied for long term service agreements.


We can provide security for special events such as sporting events, meetings, large gatherings, board meetings and more.


We have have highly trained staff to serve as PPO's. These are armed plain clothed officers. Our PPO's have been used due to threats against school staff, board members and potential threats of violence against a school. These officers are trained similar to secret service protective detail.


Under Texas law, a school can obtain a security license and employ its own security staff. This requires a qualified manager to act as the administrator over the license. A qualified manager is specifically licensed through DPS and has the training and knowledge of the occupations code which outlines the rules for security company operation and laws. We can act as your qualified manager for a fee. We can also provide consulting to help you set up your security license.

Schools can apply to have their own security license which allows them to hire staff as security officers. A qualified manager is required for a school to have a license. This is a difficult step due to the training and testing required. We provide assistance to set up your security license and act as your qualified manager.


Our private investigators are utilized for many different areas including cybersecurity, suspicious persons, background checks, school investigations and more. We do not need a warrant to conduct investigations and evidence can be utilized in court.


Our officers are typically retired or previous law enforcement who live in your community. We can also consider hiring people you may have lined up to serve in this role. In many cases we have utilized a retired parent who has the appropriate background.


There are some legal requirements when considering using law enforcement as security. Retired or Previous Law Enforcement on School Staff Retired or previous law enforcement must have a level III commission from DPS under the private security bureau through a licensed contracting company.

A commissioned peace officer cannot work solo. Any peace officer working security for a school must have an MOU (memorandum of understanding) that outlines services and fees with the licensed agency such as your local police department.

School Staff who are currently peace officers but not employed to perform duties at a school. Many officers retain a reserve status on a police department of sheriff’s office to keep up their commission, however they are not being paid nor have an agreement with the department to provide services. In these cases, an officer must also have a level III commission from DPS under the private security bureau through a licensed contracting company.

There are two legal and protected methods to have a law enforcement officer on a campus.

Note: Police Officer in any form or fashion cannot enforce school policy under the law. Some school policies are not violations of the law.

1. Police officer is with a contract of services under a department such as a police department of sheriff’s office. An officer in this regard cannot be employed also be the school.

2. Through an ISD police department established under TCOLE guidelines.