Emergency Operations Plans are an important part of TEA 37.108, SB11 and NIMS compliance and serve as a tool in emergencies.

The EOP serves as the basis for how a school will handle emergencies. The EOP document requires an enormous time to create and the are lengthy. Currently the TXSSC is evaluating EOP basic plans, and Cyber Attack annexes. Our consultants are credentialed through the Texas School Safety Center.

We provide EOP services ranging from creating a new compliant EOP to updating annually. The TXSSC will be making annual changes, staying on top of these changes is a service we provide. Many districts do not have a safety & security director, this is where we come in. We are also a resource to existing safety & security directors. School safety & security is a big task. We are here to help.

Schools On Target has been writing NIMS compliant plans and is up to speed on new requirements including continuity of operations, infectious disease just to name a few. We can take the time burden away from you and write your EOP or update your current plan to today's required standards.

Typically it will take a school with little or no experience 1,000+ hours to create a compliant EOP. Schools On Target can typically provide an EOP with the assistance of the school in 200-300 hours. The EOP formation process with Schools On Target is a collaborative effort with the school.

Pricing is based on district size, number of structures and level of service required. Contact us to discuss your needs.