Texas School Safety & Security Audits are required by the TEA under section 37.108(b) every 3 years according to the audit cycle.

The State of Texas requires each district to conduct a safety & security audit every 3 years.

The new cycle for ISD's and CISD's begins 9-1-2023 and ends 8-31-2026. The cycle for Charter an Open Enrollment schools began 9-1-2022 and ends 8-31-2025. Contact us to schedule for next school year.

As safety & security audit (assessment) allows a district to see their vulnerabilities and have to have recommendations from experienced Texas school consultants with real experience. The audit is the basic step in making your campuses a hard target.

When it comes to the important task of providing this service, you want a trusted and experienced source, not an insurance company. Schools On Target has been providing audit services since 2005. Our trained auditors look at hundreds of aspects including policies, procedures, EOP and physical features. EOP's are required to meet SB11 and TEA 37.108 requirements and be NIMS compliant. We provide a comprehensive report with our findings as well as suggestions to improve safety & security. Upon completion of the audit we will provide you a 37.108(b) audit compliance certificate for your EOP. If you EOP meets the SB11 requirements we will provide you with a certification statement for the EOP. If you need EOP assistance please let us know.

Our consultants are professional consultants credentialed through

the Texas School Safety Center, we are also a licensed investigations and security firm with Texas DPS. Experience matters!

Pricing is based on number of campuses, size of campuses and number of buildings and support facilities. Contact us for pricing for your district.